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Mastering Presence in Virtual Visits through Relationship-Centered Communication

Ended Sep 1, 2023

Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

Transition from Canvas to Stanford Learning Experience, powered by Docebo LMS:

Dear Colleague,

The PPP Team is excited to share that we have transitioned our Relationship-Centered Communication offerings from Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) to a new platform, Stanford Learning Experience powered by Docebo LMS.

To enroll in Virtual Visits on the new platform, click here.

Please visit our Stanford Learning Experience homepage here to learn more overall about our RCC offerings. 

Please let us know if you have any questions and how we can support you! Thank you for learning and growing with us.


Physician Partnership Program



Mastering Presence in Virtual Visits through Relationship-Centered Communication

This course features a collaboration between ACES relationship-centered communication skills and the Tele-Presence 5 evidence-based framework to offer strategies for enhancing relationship-centered communication in virtual health visits.

The course is conducted in an asynchronous format and delivered completely online.

What does this course entail?

  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Pre-Assessment
  • Course Lessons 
    • Practice 1: Prepare with Intention
    • Practice 2: Listen intently and completely 
    • Practice 3: Agree on what matters most 
    • Practice 4: Connect with the patient's story
    • Practice 5: Explore emotional cues
  • Post-Assessments
  • Resources

For more information on how to enroll and log on, click here to view a quick video.